Lochgorm Ltd.
The company was formally dissolved on 08 January 2019 after the directors
application for voluntary strike off to Companies House.
This site appears as a matter of record only.

News: 20180216. The shareholders and directors of Lochgorm Ltd have upon retirement decided to cease trading and are starting to close the company.
No new commercial contracts will be accepted on or after 20180216.
From 20th February 2018 our registered office has changed to our accountants office address:
Lochgorm Ltd.
Abacus House
450 Warrington Road

On 23rd October 2018, the Companies House gazetted the First Notice for voluntary strike off.

The company was formally dissolved on 08 January 2019.

We wish to thank all our valued clients both inside and outside the United Kingdom for their trust
and business given to Lochgorm Ltd.


This website and data below now appears as a matter of record only of the old website.

 Lochgorm Ltd is a small experienced U.K. business  which provided:

Commercial Aid.

Commercial expertise for engineering and other companies.
Export documentation aid for companies.
Guidance for newcomers to exporting.
Export Control administration help to companies wishing to export dual use products or who require export control help.

IT & Software Aid

IT & Software aid to new small companies, self-employed start ups or existing small businesses to reduce capital and revenue outlay.
Data recovery.

Our benefits to you: 

From experience and knowledge comes safety and potential profit.
Please use us for your benefit.


Email: OpenGPG: A public key is available on request for encrypted communications.

Secure communications are available based on Swiss servers provided both parties use the same mail provider.
Provider details available on request

 All data, texts and images on website are copyright of Lochgorm Ltd and its former shareholders 2005 ~ 2023.